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do you love icons?

john loves icons

John's Neat
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All Members , Moderated
This is a graphic journal for John Mayer Icons.
You may join and post icons. Please don't request icons from us[the maintainers]. You may however request from members that OFFER to make icons. Don't bother people. Do not take icons that are NOT up for grabs. Ex; Don't steal personal icons that are in use.
Most importantly .. ONLY post John Mayer icons,not other celebrities,not yourself,not your pet,just John & his band ;)
If you can deal with that than please join and have fun! :)
Ashley -- thisevening
Danielle -- thisobsession

Opening the community to being able to make/post icons of any of the artists or things in the Interests section of the info. BUT keep in mind that this is a John Mayer icons community.

Also feel free to post icons with just lyrics. Preferably John's lyrics, but once again the
artists in the Interests are allowed as well.

If any of you feel the need to talk to me(ThisEvening) you can find me on aim here: his cigarette